Investigación aplicada a la reproducción y clínica equina. (RYCE)


Un grupo de investigación dedicado al estudio de los aspectos más relevantes de la clínica y reproducción equina,   con un enfoque aplicado a la práctica de la clínica equina veterinaria para mejorar la eficiencia en la producción equina en los ámbitos de reproducción asistida, medicina y cirugía del caballo.

Investigador principal

Miembros externos

Elisa SM Da Silva (Externo-Brazil)

Líneas de investigación

1. Role of estrogens in endometrial preparation for embryo development and survival in the mare.

This research line has been on the relationship between the duration of estrus (days with dominance of estrogens and low progesterone), endometrial “receptivity” and embryo survival in the mare (from both in vivo derived and in vitro produced embryos). We have just shown that the duration of estrus influences the endometrial gene expression profile, in particular the genes known to be involved in the support of early equine embryos during the mobile phase. An increased knowledge on the physiopathology of this association surely will lead to a better understanding of the prerequisites for a “receptive endometrium” in mares and in turn to the development of veterinary strategies to increase the fertility of mares, and hence, the reproductive efficiency of horse breeding. 
2. Assisted reproduction techniques in the horse: sperm and oocytes.
This research line focuses on all aspects of assisted reproductive techniques in the mare and in the stallion, from embryo transfer, ovum pick-up and ICSI to IVF and research on in vitro sperm capacitation, to improve the general efficiency of horse breeding. 
3. Clinical applied research into equine medicine and surgery
This line of research uses clinical data from patients admitted to the Equine Hospital of University CEU Cardenal Herrera for applied research to improve the welfare  of diseased horses and advance the knowledge in the field of equine medicine and surgery.

Papel de los estrógenos en la preparación endometrial para el desarrollo embrionario en la yegua. Ref. FUSP-PPC-22-064.

Cuantía: 15.000 euros.

Duración dos años.

IP: Juan Cuervo-Arango

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